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Newport Center for Behavioral Medicine

When you or a loved one is in emotional distress, the pain can be unbearable and the need for relief can be overwhelming.

At Newport Center for Behavioral Medicine,

you will never simply be a prescription or a diagnosis. A great deal of importance will be placed at each visit in interacting with you, understanding you as a person, and evaluating the stresses which are affecting you.

In addition to your mental health, your physical condition will be continuously evaluated, particularly as it relates to your emotional symptoms.


Dr. Sokolski, the medical director of The Newport Center for Behavioral Medicine has nearly thirty years of experience treating patients with a wide range of psychiatric disorders, a background in academic and research psychiatry, and extensive training in psychotherapeutic techniques.


At Newport Center for Behavioral Medicine you are viewed like a family member instead of another “case.” Your treatment will involve an intensive level of caring and devotion on the doctor’s part to help you resolve your illness. At every stage of your treatment, you will be encouraged to ask questions and participate in making decisions.
Dr. Kenneth N. Sokolski

Dr. Kenneth Sokolski

My treatment philosophy is to be extremely thorough in the beginning and throughout treatment so that the correct diagnosis is made and other possible diagnoses are not missed. The consequences of a missed diagnosis can be severe and all efforts are made to prevent this possibility.